Internet governance and number resource policy are powered by community participation.

The ARIN Fellowship Program provides a specialized, interactive learning opportunity to individuals interested in these aspects of the Internet and their professional growth in the industry.

A group of up to 12 Fellows is selected twice a year to participate in the month-long program before, during, and after an ARIN Public Policy and Members Meeting. Fellows receive an in-depth, expert-guided introduction to the workings of the ARIN organization and Policy Development Process (PDP), along with opportunities for networking and direct participation in the PDP.

What our Fellows do...

Fellows progress through an engaging and approachable agenda of presentations, discussions, and Q&As with ARIN leadership.

Four 90-minute sessions provide an overview of Internet governance, Internet number resource policy and its development, ARIN services and operations, and the Internet Number Registry System.

Gain the knowledge and confidence to join in community discussions, propose new ideas, and become part of the future of Internet and policy in the ARIN region. 

Members of the ARIN Advisory Council and seasoned community members serve as mentors, providing advice, sharing their experience, and answering questions. 

Meet the Mentors

Our Fellows are paired with an experienced ARIN Advisory Council Mentor, who helps guide them through the meeting and policy discussions. They also lead small group breakout sessions to discuss policy development and other topics in more detail.


Christian Tacit

ARIN Advisory Council


Chris Woodfield 

ARIN Advisory Council


Cathy Clements 


Former ARIN Transfer Services Lead 

... and other Special Guests

Einar Bohlin

ARIN Vice President, Government Affairs 

Leif Sawyer

ARIN Advisory Council, Chair

Sean Hopkins

ARIN Senior Policy Analyst

Kat Hunter

ARIN Advisory Council, Vice Chair

Alison Wood

ARIN Advisory Council

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Thanks to our 2022 Fellowship Selection Committee! 

Bram Abramson, Past ARIN Fellow and ARIN Board Member

Paul Andersen, ARIN Board Immediate Past Chair

Mercia Arnold, Past ARIN Fellow

Jeremy Bernick, Past ARIN Fellow

Amanda Gauldin, ARIN Community Programs Manager 

Roosevelt Lewars, Past ARIN Fellow