11 May 2021 at 2:00 PM EDT

Live Q&A with ARIN for Legacy Holders

ARIN and Internet2 are joining together to answer your questions about your access to ARIN services like RPKI and debunk myths about ARIN Registration Services Agreements (LRSA/RSAs) and what they really mean for your legacy resource holdings.

If your organization holds legacy address space (IPv4 blocks that were issued prior to December 1997), join us for a live question & answer session with ARIN’s Chief Customer Officer, John Sweeting, and General Counsel, Michael Abejuela, with an introduction by Steve Wallace, Internet2 Enterprise Network Architect.

We will discuss the security implications of holding resources not under agreement with ARIN and the recent changes to the ARIN LRSA/RSA process that makes it easier to bring resources under contract without all the headaches one might expect. We will take you through three different scenarios for organizations in the research and education setting that may be under differing types of agreements with ARIN (or none at all), and what options are available so you can best take advantage of key ARIN services like IPv4 transfers, Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI), Internet Routing Registry (IRR), and reverse DNS. We will answer questions such as:

  • What options do I have to get my resources covered under an ARIN agreement?
  • Does signing an LRSA/RSA give up my right to transfer IPv4 addresses in the future?
  • Am I protected from Internet routing hijacks?
  • How can we help ensure prefixes are accepted for internal cloud use?
  • Can we use RPKI and IRR records for our resources without signing an agreement?

And these aren’t the only questions that will be covered. You will be asked to submit your question(s) at registration, and they will used to build the agenda for this session. You will also have a chance to ask your questions live during the session.