Thursday, 18 July 2024 at 2:00 PM ET

Enhance Your Routing Security and Resilience of Your Network Using ARIN's Hosted RPKI

For network operators in the research and education community, adopting Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) is a critical cybersecurity measure. RPKI helps resolve routing issues and protects networks against misconfiguration errors and malicious activities. 

More than 800 research and education community organizations in the United States are RPKI-ready today. To enhance their routing security and network resilience, they need to complete one simple web form with three fields to create an RPKI Route Origin Authorization (ROA). For many, it will take less than five minutes. 

Increased adoption of RPKI means a more trusted and collaborative Research and Education network ecosystem — and a safer global internet for all. Are you ready to learn more about ARIN’s hosted RPKI service and start with the easy steps to create a ROA? 

In this webinar, participants will: 

  • Define RPKI and how it can enhance network security 
  • Identify the key components of RPKI infrastructure, how it works, and important considerations 
  • Determine if their research and education institution is RPKI-ready 
  • Discover new resources tailored to the needs of the research and education community that will support RPKI adoption 
  • Successfully create a ROA in ARIN’s hosted RPKI


Your Presenters

Brad Gorman Picture, Senior Product Owner, Routing Security, ARIN

Brad Gorman is the Sr Product Owner, Routing Security at ARIN and is the community resource for RPKI, IRR and other similar topics that impact routing security within the ARIN region, and the greater internet ecosystem.

He has worked in the Internet community since the mid-1990’s, as a network engineer at service providers like America Online, Time Warner Cable and Charter Communications. He also spent three years as the peering coordinator for Verisign. Brad represents ARIN at the other Regional Internet Registries in the RPKI community, at the Internet Engineering Task Force, and industry conferences and meetings.

Steve Wallace Picture, Director of Routing Security, Internet2


Steve Wallace is Director of Routing Integrity at Internet2.  He promotes the adoption and improvement of routing security and integrity throughout the Internet2 community. He has been an active community member for over 24 years, having started as the engineer responsible for the team that built Abilene, Internet2's first network.