We will mention topics in this handout often through the event. You'll find it full of information and helpful links, so we encourage you to download and save it for future reference when you have questions.

This video is a brief explanation of who ARIN is and what we do for our community. You may find it helpful to watch before our event. 

ARIN policies are driven by, and open to, widespread community participation, both within the ARIN region and beyond. Anyone can participate in ARIN's Policy Development Process (PDP) and help steer the future of Internet number resource administration and the Internet

ARIN holds biannual Public Policy and Members Meetings in the second and fourth quarters in various locations throughout the ARIN region. ARIN meetings provide an opportunity for the entire Internet community to engage in policy discussions, network with colleagues, and attend workshops and tutorials. All interested individuals are welcome to attend the Public Policy and Members Meetings. Registration is free for all attendees and meetings are held virtually or in-person. 

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